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The next tool to reverse the text, although it took me quite some time to develop it, about a week, finally I could finish. That's why I'm very happy to help you transform your text and 180 ° reverses the whole sentence letter to letter. I hope you're happy with this little tool. Do not forget to visit my other applications that are as fun and maybe more than that. And if you combine these letters with funny letters you can get fabulous results.

rotareneg txet etirovaf ym si sihT ☜☆☞

Text backwards

This converts the text turning 180 degrees. It does so by replacing letters with their peers post backwards. You can also flip the text that is already invested to return to normal version.

Using the text backwards

This technique is used so that your friends and / or people who read your nick, comment, or status, will be a bit complicated and may have to turn your head to understand what you're saying and will have to put feet to the sky to understand what you're saying.

Copy and paste the text in your nick

This editor, which in English is known to flip (invert) text (text), is comprised of 4 results, if you can see the first 3 text reversed by 180 ° with the small difference that leaves him the third case to highlight more content. The difference is the fourth result, which is the one located below all this reversed 180 ° each letter and also the order of each letter you enter, for example if you write hello world reversed, the result will be:

ɥǝllo ʍoɹlp
As you see this is the most indecipherable of four, perfect for your contacts to the head from breaking deciphering your comments.

Alphabets letters backwards


List of symbols backwards

In the following table I could find work each letter and its inverted equivalent to show this because the editor on this page does not include some symbols keyboard like ?, !, ", Among others, use this table to create invested more content with specific symbols. And if you're after something big letters to highlight your Facebook status also have one for that.

? ! " & ' ( . 3 4 6 7 ; < A B C D E F G J K L M N P Q R T U V Y [ _
¿ ¡ , ) ˙ Ɛ 9 ؛ > 𐐒 Ǝ ſ W Ԁ Ό ]
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n r t v w y {
ɐ q ɔ p ǝ ɟ ƃ ɥ ı ɾ ʞ ʃ ɯ u ɹ ʇ ʌ ʍ ʎ }

Upside-down Letters on Facebook

Upside-down letters on Facebook
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